Ryder Cup and Tournament of Champions Selection Process

2023 Southwest Florida Junior Golf Association


At each event during the 2023 Tournament Season, each event will award one participation point for each player as well as points for the top ten finishers in each flight. The points breakdown is at the right:

*Each Player Will Receive The Respective Points For Their Place In Team Events

*Each player will receive 1 participation point for a completed event

After Each Event, Our 9 and 18 Hole Tournament Directors Will Email The Results To All Registered SWFJGA Members, Whether They Attended The Event Or Not, Which Will Include The Results For The Event Including Scores And Points Awarded For The Top Ten In Each Flight As Well As The Season Long Tournament of Champions Points Race.

1st Place – 100 points
2nd Place – 90 points
3rd Place – 80 points
4th Place – 70 Points
5th Place – 60 Points
6th Place – 50 Points
7th Place – 40 Points
8th Place – 30 Points
9th Place – 20 Points
10th Place – 10 points

SWFJGA Ryder Cup Eligibility 

The Top Two Point Winners of the 2023 SWFJGA Season From Each Flight Will Automatically Qualify*

SWFJGA Tournament of Champions Eligibility

The Flight Winner For Each Event Will Automatically Receive An Invitation To Participate In The SWFJGA Tournament of Champions. If A Flight Has A Multiple Event Winner, SWFJGA Will Issue Invitations Up To 6 “At Large” SWFJGA Players*


*If Invited Players Are Not Able to Participate and/or Additional Spots Are Available, Invitations For The SWFJGA Ryder Cup And/Or The SWFJGA Tournament of Champions Will Be Issued By The SWFJGA Tournament Committee To Fill The Remaining Spots