The Objective …

of the Association is to advance the physical, moral, and social development of the membership through supervised programming of golfing and related social activities.

Demonstrating Integrity

The Rules of Golf guidebook provides a set of standards that require players’ adherence that are not monitored by a referee or umpire, but by the player’s own sense of doing what is right. Under SWFJGA direction, junior golfers learn what it means to play fairly and honestly and how to self-govern as a responsible member of society. 

Building Character

SWFJGA promotes personal growth, responsibility, and positive social interaction that underpins effective communication, relationship building and achievement with and through others. Many of our juniors build relationships that last a lifetime.

Funding Future Leaders

The SWFJGA is dedicated to supporting the continued education of our members. Foremost in our focus is the perpetuation of the college scholarship fund. By awarding scholarships, the fund supports deserving college-bound golfers who have met our requirements.

Fostering Sportsmanship

Through “Tournament Golf”, SWFJGA builds the golfer’s capability to conduct him/herself in a manner that is gracious, fair, polite and respectful while participating in any form of competitive endeavor.

Improving Skills

SWFJGA provides an instructional platform for building and perfecting individual physical skills and ability. The process of skill-building and development is a replicable roadmap for growth in almost every mode of future personal development.

Participating in Tournaments – “Bringing It All Together”

Participating in the competitive Tournament setting requires junior golfers to apply skills mastery, mental acuity, and temperament under time and delivery boundaries. The spirit of competition is healthily embraced as an avenue to continued self-improvement and achievement. Under direction of the SWFJGA, juniors learn how to compete in constructive ways while learning to channel their personal fears, nerves and excitement in to fun and satisfying results.

For four decades

Over 3,000 juniors have played in the SWFJGA

Over our 40 years of existence, our junior golf program has produced multiple PGA and LPGA touring professionals, local PGA and LPGA club professionals, as well as many local business leaders. Our game of golf and SWFJGA promotes personal character growth, responsibility, and social skills that create lifelong friendships and achievement.

The continued growth of golf is essential through today’s junior golfers in order to develop our next generation of players in the next 10 to 20 years. These kids will be your next club members, business owners, teachers, and neighbors. Therefore, our commitment as a junior golf program is to continue making this game fun, affordable, and available to all kids.

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The SWFJGA at a Glance

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Our Summer Program

Ages 8-12 Tournament Play

Our summer program consists of 8 tournaments starting the first Monday in June. There is a 9-hole tournament series for players ages 8-12, these are played on local executive courses.  

Gradual Development

 We also offer a 9-Hole Player Development Tour for 13-18 year old golfers who have limited playing experience and shoot 120 or more for 18 holes.

Ages 13-18 Tournament Play

 The 13-18 year old play 18-hole events at various golf courses throughout Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties and yardages are set based on the level of play and age.

Shotgun Starts

 Our tournaments take place on Mondays, start promptly at 8:00am and are shotgun starts. 

Help support the SWFJGA

In addition to conducting 9 junior tournaments during the summer season, including the prestigious annual Henke Berg Junior Masters, our organization has contributed over $290,000.00 in college scholarships to qualified high school seniors and enrolled college students.

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