Player Rules & Regulations

Keep SWFJGA fun for everyone by following these simple player rules.

The following are the rules and regulations the Southwest Florida Junior Golf Association would like all junior golf players to comply with. The Junior playing member is responsible for following these rules and is subject to loss of strokes or disqualification for violations. These rules are in place for the protection of our junior members and the integrity of the game of golf. Please read them carefully.

Players are also encouraged to test their knowledge of the Rules of Golf by taking our Junior Golfer Rules Quiz.

1. Signing up for weekly events

Players must sign up to indicate if they will be playing or not playing in the next Monday event. The deadline for entry is 12:00 noon on the Saturday prior to the event. Entries received after the Saturday deadline will not be accepted. Please show your respect for the Southwest Florida Junior Golf Association and always sign up prior to the deadline. Active sign ups are posted to the right, and can also be found on the 18 & 9 Hole Tournament Sign Up page.

2. Summer Schedule

See the website – for tournament dates and locations. All events are 8:30 shotgun unless otherwise noted. Players can sign up for each event individually.

3. Cancellations

Please e-mail or phone Director Mike Chesnover (239-823-1410) immediately should you need to cancel from one of our events that you have signed up for.

4. Pre-Tournament Check-in

Plan to arrive at the golf course between 7:00 – 8:00 on the morning of the event. Immediately go to the check-in table to let the tournament officials know you are there. It is important that you check-in at least 30 minutes before the shotgun start. After check-in, you can warm-up and prepare for your round. We will begin shuttling players to their starting holes at 8:15.

5. Course Etiquette

We have put together a great schedule at some outstanding local courses. These courses have donated their facilities for our use and it’s important that we all treat them with a great deal of respect. Both players and spectators must wear proper golf course attire (no denim, short shorts, tee-shirts, etc.), tuck in your shirts and wear your caps facing forwards. If you are in doubt about a course’s dress code, please check their website or call their Pro Shop. On the course, always leave the course in better condition than you found it. Always rake your bunkers, repair divots when possible and fix ball marks on the greens. Never take your anger over a bad shot out on the golf course. Loud outbursts, swearing, throwing clubs, damage to golf course or rudeness to SWFJGA and golf course staff will NOT be tolerated. These types of actions will result in your removal from the golf course and suspension from the following week’s tournament. Remember, golf is a game with a great history of good etiquette and we expect our juniors to respect this tradition. If you have any concerns regarding proper etiquette please see an SWFJGA official.

6. Flights

Players will be placed into different flights based on their age and scoring ability. Flight adjustments may be made during the first two weeks of the summer.

7. Pairings

Players will be given their pairing information and hole assignment when they register at the check-in table prior to the beginning of play. Always start on your assigned hole and play with the group you are assigned to unless told otherwise by an SWFJGA official.

8. Pace of Play

An average round of golf should take about 4 hours to play. A favorable pace of play is an important part of golf. It is your responsibility to keep up with the group in front of yours. If you lose sight of them, tell your group it’s time to speed up. Always be ready when it’s your turn, prepare for your shot while another player is hitting, position your bag on the side of the green that’s closest to the next tee before you putt, continuous putting, closely watch opponent’s shots in case they don’t see them, declare a provisional if your shot might be lost or OB, save long stories and conversation until the end of your round, walk briskly and play in four hours.

9. Volunteers

We need adult volunteers to help shuttle players out to the course and back & also to shuttle between long stretches from one green to next tee. Please let an SWFJGA official know if you are available for service and a golf cart will be assigned to you. Your help is much appreciated!

10. Stay Hydrated!

All juniors are required to walk so it’s important to drink lots of water / sports drinks. Bottled water will be available prior to the shotgun start. Save your bottle and a cart will circulate around the course with Gatorade refills for our players. If there is a long distance from a green to the next tee, we will provide shuttle carts to save time and energy.

11. Rules of Golf

All games have rules and golf is no exception. Just because you may not be aware of a rule does not excuse you from that rule. The official Rules of Golf books will be given out at no charge at the registration table prior to each weekly event. Please review and familiarize yourself with the rules. Always keep the rules book in your bag in case you need to consult it during your round. There will be 2 rules officials circulating around the golf course to assist with rulings at each event. If you can’t find a rules official and your group can’t come to a conclusion about a rule, you should play two balls and check with a rules official as soon as possible to determine which ruling is correct. If you have any questions about the rules, please consult a golf professional – they will be happy to help you.

12. Scorecards

All players will be issued a scorecard prior to their round. Please exchange your card with another player in your pairing group before you hit your first shot. No player will be allowed to keep their own scorecard. Upon completion of each hole, quickly move to the next tee before marking scores. After your round, the player and the scorekeeper must sign the scorecard before turning it in at the scoreboard.

13. Cheating

This is a harsh term, but one that needs to be addressed. Golf has always been a game of great integrity and one that must be played honestly. Cheating will NOT be tolerated and will result in disqualification and possible expulsion. Juniors must carefully keep track of every shot and penalty stroke on every hole. Our program promotes independence and with this comes the responsibility of playing fairly and by the rules. Please consult a rules official or golf professional if you have any questions regarding the Rules of Golf or if you witness questionable behavior.

14. Spectators

Please review the section on the website for details regarding spectators at our events.

15. GHIN Score Posting

All 18-hole players are in the GHIN handicap system. Golfers must post their scores after each round (including the ones you play outside of SWFJGA). You can post your scores online at using your GHIN# (this access number will be shown on your scorecard each week, so please write it down). If you are still unsure about handicap score posting, please ask.

16. Stick around after you finish

We will attempt to post all scores as quickly as possible. Please stay for a few extra minutes to applaud the winners when they are announced.

17. Thank the host Golf Professional

Always make a quick stop in the Pro Shop to thank the host professional for allowing you to play his course before leaving. If you have time, write him a short thank you note. It’s amazing how far a simple “thank you” will go.

Tournament Sign Ups

Sign up for each Tournament will become available two weeks prior to the event. Players must sign up for each Tournament whether they plan on participating and attending an event or not. Please help the SWFJGA by letting us know whether or not you’ll be at our events.

Click Here to sign up for available events.


Spectator Policy

Keep SWFJGA fun for everyone by following these simple spectator rules.

The following are the rules and regulations the Southwest Florida Junior Golf Association would like all spectators, family members and guest to comply with. The Junior playing member is responsible for informing spectators of these rules and is subject to loss of strokes or disqualification for violations. These rules are in place for the protection of our junior members and the integrity of the game of golf. Please read them carefully.

1. Spectators must stay at least 50 feet from any player.

Spectators wishing to ride may rent a cart at the discretion of the host golf professional. Always do this in the golf shop. Spectators must stay on the cart path at least 50 feet from the players. Possible exception would be if you are asked to shuttle players by a tournament official between holes, due to distance or maintain/regain pace of play.

2. Fore spotting

“Fore spotting” (positioning yourself in front of the play and observing shots that may be lost or out of bounds). “Fore Spotting” is appreciated.

3. Equipment Responsibility

All Players are responsible for their own equipment. This includes towels, refreshments, snacks, etc. The only exceptions are what the tournament committee has defined to be permissible, shuttle of players, drinks distribution, etc.

4. Avoid Excessive Conversation

Avoid conversation with the players once play has started. This will avoid any appearance of providing assistance/advice to the players, which could result in a player receiving a two stroke penalty or possible disqualifications.

5. Player Scoring

Scoring is solely the responsibility of the players. Spectators are not to involve themselves with rulings or scoring as this is an important part of their learning process.

6. Verbal Abuse

Refrain from criticizing or demeaning a player for a stroke or score.

7. Promote Sportsmanship

Promote sportsmanship equally for all players.

8. Respect the Golf Course Facility

Respect the golf course facility. Leave the course as good as, if not better than the condition you found it. Please do not litter, if you see litter pick it up. It is an honor and a privilege to play at these facilities. We depend on them to provide the opportunities for our members. Keeping with this policy insures our future relationships with them.

9. Dress Code

Our courses are donated for our players to use, these facilities have dress codes in place for players and spectators, Please make sure that your attire is appropriate. Denim, cut-off shorts, tee shirts and bathing suits are just a few examples of inappropriate dress. Please contact the golf course in question if you have any questions. Be assured, if your attire is inappropriate you will be approached by the Tournament Coordinator or an SWFJGA Board Member.

Please respect the rules. These tournaments are for the juniors to experience competition, become responsible for their actions, learn sportsmanship, gain friendships and understand that tournament golf is different from a casual round of golf. Should you have any questions or concerns during play please bring it to the attention of an SWFJGA official immediately.

Spectator Sign Up

Please fill out the entire spectator sign up sheet, indicating which tournament events you will attend. You will be sent a spectator confirmation email once your sign up has been processed.